Photography Competition on Wildlife in High Himalayas (2017)

under "Timberline and Altitudinal Gradient Ecology of Himalayas, and Human Use Sustenance in a Warming Climate"

The Judging committee:
1. Mr. Anup Sah
2. Mr. A N Singh
3. Dr. Ashish Tewari


Photo TitleAuthor NamePosition
Apollo Chaudans Dr. Aseesh Pandey First (INR.15000.00)
Snow Partridge Mr. Kalyan Singh Sajwan IInd (INR. 12000.00)
Himalayan blue sheep Mr. Pradeep Pandey IIIrd (INR. 70000.00)
Himalayan Monal Chopta Mr. Kalyan Singh Sajwan Appreciation (INR.3000.00)
Kiang Chagtang Mr. Nilanjan Appreciation (INR.3000.00)
Pica Mr. Nilanjan Appreciation (INR.3000.00)