CHEA has undertaken a wide range of publication to capture field lessons, findings of various action researchers and training manuals for capacity building of the rural communities

Books/ Booklets - 39
The first publication "Environment Regeneration in Himalayas - Concepts and Strategies was made in 1985, edited by Prof. J. S. Singh, eminent ecologists, followed by series of publication on contemporary issues)
2016 Publication of "Lessons From Nepal's Earthquake For The Indian Himalayas And The Gangetic Plains" Edited by - Prof. S.P. Singh, (Chair, CHEA) renowned Ecologist and Formerly, VC of HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar (Uttarakhand); Mr. Sudarshan C. Khanal of ANSAB, Nepal and Dr. Madhu Joshi, Formerly Proffessor, Kumaun University. The book is a compliation of articles about the experiences and lessons lernt from Nepal's 2015 Earthquake and the authors are from both Neapl and India.

Training manual - 31 (covering various topics of Appropriate Technologies in Horticulture, Water Conservation and Harvesting, Animal Husbandry, Fodder Development, Irrigation Technologies, Pre and Post Harvesting, Beekeeping etc.)

CHEA Bulletin Vol. - 1 to 11

Research Papers - 45 published in various peer reviewed journals and accepted in national and international workshops/ seminars

Event and workshop reports -15

Case Studies on Climate Change Adaptation, rural livelihoods, art handicraft and culture -16

Lessons From Nepal's Earthquake For The Indian Himalayas And The Gangetic Plains
Edited by:
Prof. S.P. Singh
Mr. Sudarshan C. Khanal
Dr. Madhu Joshi

Himalayan Vulnerability
Uttarakhand, 2013
Learning for Planing and Actions