Art, Culture & Handicraft

promotion of mountain's art and craft...

Art and handicraft creation through the local craftsmanship and material expresses the culture of the communities and cultural outline of the societies. Handloom and handicrafts are those products of the communities which are produced manually from their indigenous technologies (Sharma & Borthakur, 2008).

Tribes of Uttarakhand have a unique art and culture along with handicraft which they have been practising since generations. The socio-cultural practises of these tribes are reflected in their arts and handicrafts. Handlooms and handicrafts are usually one of the main occupations of the communities to earn their livelihood. However, some customs are on the edge of extinction, and some of them have acquainted and accustomed themselves according to the changes in society and market trends. Several such dyeing traditions of art and culture are in dire need of revival.