Research and Documentation

of the Mountains and the Regional Best Practices...

Thematic Action Group - Research cum Documentation Centre on the Mountains and the regional best practices has been initiated to identify, document and disseminate the case studies and best practices in the Indian Himalayan region.

Information communication technologies have a great impact on today's society. Satellite television is streaming in the living room of every household around the world through cable or Direct To Home connections. Internet and mobile phone services are also easily accessible to common people. Today ICTs are no longer remaining mere luxury to the rich; in fact the market is developing new channels to provide cheap and easily accessible communication means, profitable business and effective services. ICTs, within a short span of time turned out to be one of the basic requirements for building modern society. Under the Thematic Action Group "Research and Documentation Centre on the Mountains and the Regional Best Practices" the emphasis is not only on organising workshops, summits, research and documentation of mountains and its concerns, it is also to promote good practices for ensuring sustainable development of mountains in context of social, economic and environmental indicators.

Launch of - Analysis of Topographical Diversity of Indian Himalayan States at Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun

Proceeding of IMI-SMDS1 launch in the Meet of the Indain Mountain States, IIC, New Delhi